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A Cool Productivity Tool

I’m always on the lookout for productivity tools to help in my work as a writer. So I was delighted to discover a cool productivity tool called, Evernote.

Evernote is a software that allows you to store text, images, videos, audio and even whole web pages as you do your work. You store them in what they call, “notes,” and you can divide them into “notebooks.” For example, I do a lot of research as a writer. So I read a lot of articles from blogs and web pages. I then write down the points in the articles I like, along with URLs and other related sites and blogs. With all that I try to store, I forget where I place what and the connections with one another. It can be daunting.

With Evernote I can easily organize my web browsing and research. I can also write text directly into Evernote instead of using a separate text editor. Whatever I place in Evernote, it gets saved automatically. But the one thing I like about Evernote is its powerful tag and search functions.

In case you have stored hundreds of notes, Evernote narrows down your search to a tee, so you’re able to retrieve what you’re looking for without frustration. And as I mentioned earlier, Evernote allows you to divide your notes into what they call, “Notebooks.” This allows you to organize your work better.

Evernote even has this function called a web clipper. It’s a small button that you can add on to your browser. When you want to save a blog or web site, you can click on the web clipper and you can save the URL or entire web page into your Evernote notebook. I don’t have to bookmark the site and then forget about it later on or spend time trying to find out what I bookmarked and where I bookmarked it.

Evernote has much more functions than what I’ve described above. I’m just scratching the surface. To experience Evernote for your needs, you’ll have to download the software. Don’t worry it’s free and there are versions for all operating systems.

But the coolest thing about Evernote is that it’s a cloud software. This means you can also install Evernote in your desktop, laptop and mobile phone, and access your notes anywhere you go.

Go ahead and try out this cool productivity tool.