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Now is the Time

Now, more than ever, is an excellent time to write a book and self publish it, more so if you are a Christian author. There are several reasons why:

1. The world has to know about Jesus Christ and what Christianity is all about. There are too many half truths and lies about Christ, his teachings and his followers.

2. There are many ways to author a Christian book. It doesn’t always have to be expositions of the Bible. It can be a life story or a testimony or even several testimonies. It can be fiction; yes, there is nothing wrong with writing fiction based on Christian thought. It can be a compilation of interviews of Christian leaders, for example, giving their views on certain topics.

3. It’s easy to self publish, which is what my site is all about.

The first things you need to consider before you write a book and self publish are:

1. Your subject matter and who you are reaching out to, i. e. youth, young professionals, singles, etc.

2. Finding a good editor. While you can probably edit your own manuscript, it helps a lot getting third-party eyes to not only edit but critique your work. Correct grammar and spelling go a long way to building up readership.

There are Christian readers out there that are waiting to learn about what you have to say. Go and reach out to them. Start writing!

The time is now.