Silver Package 2

I will format your manuscript for Smashwords and upload it.

You will have to open an account at

After payment for this service is made, you’ll have to email me your manuscript and book cover (image should be at least 1,400 pixels wide with a height greater than width) and provide me with the following information:
1. Your log in details for You can change this later when I have uploaded your manuscript and you are satisfied with it.
2. The name you would like to place as author.
3. Short description of book (limit is 400 words).
4. Long description of book (limit is 4,000 words).
5. 10 keywords that you believe potential buyers would use to search for your book.
6. How much would you be selling your book?
7. Is your manuscript an original work?

Be reminded that you cannot submit your manuscript to Smashwords if you have enrolled it in KDP Select.

You may send me these details through my contact page here. Please include the PayPal Transaction ID that PayPal will provide you with after payment.

Please take note that I will not edit your work, but it has to be in English.

If you have any question, you may also contact me through my contact page.