What was your experience with Pastor Dino as a teacher/mentor?
If you read any of his books, what was your impression?

As a mentor in the field of computers and things online, Dino is patient and never makes me feel like I'm stupid, about technical stuff which indeed I am. I suspect he is this way not only in guiding me through the myriad details involved online, but would even be more patient and persevering in cases wherein the person being mentored may be on a personal circumstance-- like a life coach. Dino always respects the individual and it comes through in every way. It not only is easier to learn in the environment of trust and respect, it actually becomes fun too, because Dino has a great sense of humor and keeps things "light."

He does not need BIG WORDS to communicate BIG IDEAS. He writes with a clarity of purpose. After all, his subject matter deals with the spiritual aspect of man. Straight, to the point, puts a new spin on an otherwise age-old subject- God.

Miguel Albert Zulueta

Everyday was a learning experience. He was our Youth Pastor in the church I attended way back my college years; and he was our mentor in the praise and worship team. My christian life grew focused to God as he molded, fed us with God's loving Words. I can never forget him neither are his preachings, because apart from his impressive articulacy with words, all were words anointed by God. I remember I would cry at times on his preachings. As if it was the Lord talking to me through him. I can tell that Pastor Dino was all prepared physically, emotionally and intellectually when it was his time to share God's Word. All eyes and ears were on him as soon as he started talking in the pulpit. People were hungry in God's Word and God used Pastor Dino mightily to feed the hungry souls. Apart from being a great man of God, he is a good friend. We lost contact for years. But when our paths crossed again, it was so overwhelming, as if it was only yesterday that we saw each other. He has a sincere heart for everyone. He is a blessing to me and my family. I still go to him for my prayer requests. Thank you and God bless you, Pastor Dino!

I already knew what to expect on his books. He can fluently deliver what he tries to convey to his readers, there is a connection that once you turn the first page to the next of his book, you do not want to stop until you're done. The ability to put yourself in what you write, not all writers/authors have that. I will call it talent and a gift from God. Pastor Dino was one of those God poured this talents to. Glory to God! Stay blessed Pastor Dino!

Alma Yap

"I toughen those I love". I will never forget these words from Pastor Dino Mapa. He is not only a mentor to me but a friend and a father, too. This is what I will always be thankful to God for: That I became a part of his life ministry. I can also say this, that I am what I am now (stronger man) because of his great influence in my life. As an effective good teacher and a preacher in our discipleship class, he not only taught me sound doctrines and principles but he also taught me what LOVE really is. To understand love deeply as the very essence of who God is and how to express it back to God and to people, is what strengthened my walk with the Lord. The outcome made and helped me experience many new inexpressible things from the wisdom behind his words. He teaches with rarity and authority filled with delightful humor. He will always say in our class that he is not a systematic theologian because he relates God’s word in our practical lives; to answer the many why(s) and how(s) of life. He doesn’t want to fill our heads with just information and not carry these instructions out from the room and come back without experiencing the results. I have never been so close to a man so humble, passionate and dedicated in his calling from the Lord. To listen to him gives me an excitement. Indeed, he is a true ambassador of Jesus Christ and a loving man that will open his life as an open book to everybody who desires to know God deeply. Thank you, Lord, for this great man. He is One of the heroes of this generation. Pastor Dino Mapa, may you be blessed more and more.

I haven't read any of his books.

D-A Kristoffer P. Guerrero

He has revelations and insights that would encourage me to be passionate more for God. I do love the heart of this man. Very anointed!

Reliable, simply because he reveals truths to those who are willing to learn...

Arlene Balba

The Man of God and a Great Man “A Good Man Is Hard to Find” , I am referring to the “Man of God” no other than Pastor Dino Mapa. Yes, a good man is hard to find like this great pastor. The first time I heard about his word, when he was invited by Pastor Jason Velez, our lead pastor in WIN-Cebu, I was really stunned the way he discussed the word of God. It is meaty and full of wisdom that can pierce my heart. He is an effective preacher. Never a dull moment with his discussion, serious but he used funny related jokes to enliven his sermon. When he was our teacher in our Discipleship class, I learned many things and even more from him about God. And I miss that even until now. It is sad to say that, he is assigned in Dipolog but on the other side, I am happy that he is used to increase God’s territory. He is a very deep person, good teacher and a good adviser who never turns away to anyone. Candidly speaking, Pastor Dino is a superior and dominant person but he is a sensitive and humble person who realizes that he is flawed like everyone else. He has the ability too, to see others with compassion and understanding. I am greatly proud of this Pastor. Long live Pastor Dino and may God bless u more...

I haven't read one of his books but i was able to know about it in one of his discussions. It was vividly great , full of wisdom and superb. God willingly, soon i will have a change to buy one of his books...

Annie Perez-Guerrero

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